Hebden Bridge to Stoodley Pike

Stoodley Pike to Hebden Bridge Waymarked Walk;

Please note that the weather at Stoodley Pike can be much colder and wilder than at the valley bottom. When the weather is poor, this is a walk for more experienced walkers.

As you leave Hebden Bridge railway station, turn right down the track to the road below and turn right under the railway bridge. Continue straight ahead, slightly uphill, and almost immediately (as the houses stop) turn right up a narrow track.

Follow this path diagonally up the hillside, enjoying the views of Hebden Bridge. Keep to the waymarked route, following the main path as it bears right as the woods are reached.

Walk through the wooden gate into the beech woods. The track may be muddy and ill-defined here, but there is a waymark post ahead to help keep you on the route. You are aiming for the far corner of the woods, near the TV transmitter.

Cross over the stone stile onto New Road. Continue straight across the open fields. The sign points to Pinnacle Lane and the path goes upwards, keeping to the left of the fields.

Towards the top of the fields, Stoodley Pike comes into view.

The next wooden signpost points straight on to Stoodley Pike, but this route takes a left turn, on to a tarmac farm lane. in 150 metres turn right onto Kilnshaw Lane, another tarmac lane. Continue to the lane end at Swillington Farm, taking the Pennine Way to Stoodley Pike.

Return from the Pike to Swllington Farm, and now follow the Pennine Bridleway, turning left shortly on to a farm track, then right on to a field path and then left again, beside a little stream. At the bottom, as you enter a wooded area, leave the Pennine Bridleway and instead turn right to take the track above Beaumont Clough woods. At the end, when you meet a tarmac road, follow this down to the outskirts of Hebden Bridge, from where you may return to the railway station.


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