Langfield Edge to Stoodley Pike

Langfield Edge to Stoodley Pike
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Langfield Edge to Stoodley Pike

Start and Finish: Todmorden
Approximate time for the walk: 4 hours
Distance: 7 miles
Landscape: Open Moorland
Map: O/S Outdoor Leisure 21 South Pennines

Description of the walk:
1. Start in the centre of Todmorden. Make you way to the Todmorden Town Hall. From here, turn left down the left-hand side of A6033 (Rochdale road) to pass over a bridge over a canal, to meet the Golden Lion pub. Just after the pub, turn left up the road. This first section is very steep as you wind your way out of Todmorden. Continue up the road on its left-hand side and take the first road on your left. Continue up this very steep road which leads eventually leads to Longfield Terrace. At Longfield Terrace, turn left on track and continue straight along this track up hill. When this path folks, take the left-hand branch track and continue past the farm and continue up the track, up-hill, to meet an road. Turn left along the road and continue along the road to reach the Shepherd’s Rest pub.

2. At the pub, look opposite and you see a track leading up hill. Turn right and follow this track up hill(no diversions) to reach the top of Langfield Edge. You reach some quarry working, turn left up the path. Continue straight ahead till the path again folks. Keep right as the path continue up-hill passing the summit of Langfield Edge. Continue straight ahead on this path (take no diversions).

3. This path eventually meets another path by a waymarker stone. Continue straight ahead on this path and take no diversion paths as you slowly head towards to impressive monument of Stoodley Pike in the distance. Continue straight ahead, with the last section on the flat to arrive finally at the monument of Stoodley Pike.
4. At the monument of Stoodley Pike, go past it and right and continue straight down a downhill path to meet a stile in a wall. Continue over the stile and continue on for about 40 yards, to meet another ladder stile. Now, turn left over this stile and continue down downhill along this path. This path leads down another wide track called London Road and leave your existing.
5. Turn left on this track as it descends down to the small hamlet of Mankinholes. Follow this track taking no diversions to arrive at this small hamlet of Mankinholes. W hen you reach this small hamlet, turn right and straight along the road for about 120 yards.
6. After about 120 yards after the last house, take a path on your left signposted ‘Calderdale Way.’ Continue straight ahead on this path to emerge at the Top Brink Pub at another small hamlet called Lumbutts. At the pub, go right on path between houses and continue straight along the path between a fence and wall, to reach a gap stile. Continue straight ahead over the wall and turn right across the field to another gap stile in the wall. Continue over the wall down the steep sided valley to meet a farm track. Continue down the farm track to meet a minor road at some cottages. Continue down this minor road and over a bridge over of the Rochdale Canal.
7. Now turn left down by canal, to reach the path on the canal. Walk up the canal as you slowly head take towards the centre of Todmorden. Continue straight ahead to reach the bridge you passed over at the start of walk. Take path up to regain the street path and turn right to finish and conclude this walk.


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